What to Expect at an OnRamp Live Event

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Meet Dr. Neil Tibbott


  • Founder and Director
  • Event Facilitator
  • Systems Consultant
  • Coach

What is an OnRamp Live Event?

Profile Discussion GroupThe Live Event is a community gathered to identify and empower the next generation of emerging leaders to extend God’s Kingdom.

Candidates Include Their Community:

  • A spouse, if married
  • A Pastor, Elder or Leader
  • A Coach, Mentor, or Friend
  • A Prayer Partner or Intercessor
  • An OnRamp Interviewer

Communities Invest in their Emerging Leaders

IMG_20131210_104513Candidates prepare by completing assignments using their Online Account. The community reviews insights and affirms strengths.

Participants benefit from honest feedback and group reflection.

OnRamp: Mini-Message


OnRamp: Group Discussion

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OnRamp: Team Exercise


OnRamp: Interviews


LeadershipOnRamp Mobilizes Leaders

OnRamp is a proven process that builds momentum at a grassroots level. Churches, Networks and Districts engage with one another as they envision their future together through the eyes of emerging leaders.