Casual Bricks HatCoaching – Mentoring and Relational Empowerment

LeadershipOnRamp has a particular focus on mobilizing emerging leaders with a call to start new ministries in new places. Coaching is one of the resources we provide both for the emerging leaders and their organizations. We come alongside leaders to help bring focus to their plans. LeadershipOnRamp is here to assist you with your project or link you with someone who will. Let us know how we can help. Contact us on our website or by email.

We also equip new coaches to use our unique system fostered by online resources that gives a leader and their coach a successful place to begin their relationship. Specially designed worksheets walk leaders through a clarifying process which helps them design a RoadMap for their short-term goals. In some cases training assignments will happen in the context of a current job. At other times the RoadMap will be designed to describe the start up of a new ministry and transition from one job to another.

A typical coaching appoint will last 60-90 minutes over the phone or face to face. Studies indicate that shorter, every other week meetings are more effective for gaining traction on an initial start up than occasional or random appointments. Coaches help leaders advance their ideas, not by telling them how to do their work, but by asking clarifying questions that helps focus their work. With fewer distractions leaders accomplish more in less time and know the satisfaction of living out their vision. Qualified coaches may charge a fee to establish a pattern of regular focused meetings to help achieve goals more effectively.

Mentoring empowers leaders through relationally equipping them with knowledge, skills and character to advance their ministry. Often mentoring and coaching happens simultaneously in the same meeting. Insight and practices are discussed together along a continuum with one training method taking priority over another depending on the need. Occasionally a leader will start with a mentor while they are in a learning phase and then transition to a coach when they move into implementing phase. The Coach-Mentoring Worksheet will help you evaluate where to start.