Let me be clear about something, I’m talking about Subversive Leadership in this note. You be the judge.

I heard David Watson, a teacher on organizational strategies, talk about a spiritual exercise that he does while traveling by plane. It was almost a throw away comment as part of a much larger discussion, but it stuck with me. He says he makes it a personal act of service to clean up the restroom in the airplane before he leaves. It’s his way to serve God and the other passengers without anyone knowing who did it.

When I heard about it, I thought, I do that sometimes. He’s a fellow subversive!

The next time I flew I was on an unusually cramped and uncomfortable flight. It felt kind of demeaning, dehumanizing, decentering, etc. During the flight I took a stroll back, way back to the restroom did my thing and then… served the other passengers by cleaning up our space. My act of service reversed the order of descent and made me feel human again. It was dignifying to serve. AND, no one knew who did it. No credit to me only my little act of worship to the Father.

Subversive Leaders look for ways to make a difference that glorify God without getting credit. What do you do to lead under the radar screen? How does it feel? How does it effect your fellowship with God?